Extreme air sports

  • Examples include: skydiving, bungee jumping, trapeze, paragliding, parasailing, hang gliding, kite surfing or even kite fighting (yep, that’s a thing)…
  • While these sports are not for the faint of heart, they can be very rewarding to those who are adventurous enough to try them. 
  • Consider working these activities into the air portion of our Elements theme. 
  • Think outside the box: use the fact that you swing on a trapeze to incorporate the activity into our Music Lover theme (swing music).
    • If you are in or around the Calgary area, you should check out Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze. We “hung out” with them and had a fantastic time!
  • Check out our other extreme sport activities for more ideas (extreme sports/activitiesextreme water sportsextreme winter sports). 

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