About Just a Token

Just a Token was created by the brother-sister duo of Andrew and Allison MacQueen. Like most siblings, we get along famously and agree on almost everything…and if you believe that, we have some oceanfront property in Alberta we’d like to sell you. However, what we do agree on is that you should, first and foremost, do what you love. Gift giving is our passion. We’re not sure exactly when that spark ignited, but through the years, the process has become second nature to us. We aren’t particularly graceful about it, we don’t always have a lot of time for it and we most certainly aren’t as crafty as the Martha Stewarts of the world, but what we are is obsessed with making gift giving innovative and fun. Sometime around 2010, we started wondering how we could help others do the same and the idea for Just a Token was born.

Everything that Just a Token has to offer is based on the belief that the little things matter. We provide the imaginative resource that will enable you to create relevant, one of a kind gifts for the important people in your life. Whether it’s your impossible-to-shop-for Dad, the co-worker you want to thank for going above and beyond or a significant other you want to make feel loved, Just a Token will revolutionize the way you think about gift giving.