• Ah, cash! Whether it’s via cheque, online transfer or cold hard cash, it’s universally accepted and simple to give. 
  • Here are a few ideas to help you add a little flair to this popular gift option:
    • First of all, money is usually associated with the colour green. Have a look through our Going Green and Colour themes. Pair some money with a plant, a golf game or some green tea and say something cheesy on the card like: “consider this gift your green light to have a great birthday”.
    • Use cash to represent:
    • Use images on the money (bills or coins) to incorporate other themes:
      • Scenery can be incorporated into our Nature Lover or Going Wild themes
      • Animals would go great with our Animal Lover theme (a loon on a loonie, a polar bear on a toonie, etc). You don’t actually have to give coins, just print a picture of the one you’re using to represent the theme. 
      • Vehicles could work with our Automotive or Road Trip themes (one of the Canadian $10 bills has a train on it)
      • Boats or water could work with our Elements theme (the Canadian dime has the famous Bluenose schooner on it)
      • The Canadian $100 bill has the discovery of insulin on it. Use that to work with our Great Inventions theme.
    • Still not sure what to do? Use the fact that money almost always has a picture of a famous person on it. Try putting together a quick and easy theme around famous people. For example, you could say your gift is brought to you by Queen Elizabeth (Canadian $20 bill) and _______ (insert the name of a popular actor here and give your giftee a gift card to go see a movie with that actor in it). 

Gift Idea above not quite right? How about one of these?