Treasure Hunt


  • You might have done this as a kid but we bet it’s been a long time since you even thought of it. In this theme, your giftee has to search for hidden objects (or treasure/“booty”) by following a trail of clues.
  • This theme is really designed around a pirate theme so the gifts should revolve around loot, treasure, booty etc.
  • Jewelry is a perfect gift for this theme because it could easily be called treasure, booty or loot.
  • Entertainment and events:
    • Music: see a concert where the artist sings about treasure (eg: Bruno Mars – Treasure) or make a playlist with those types of songs.
    • Sports: go see a team related to the theme (eg: Pirates, Buccaneers, Marauders). 
    • Performing arts/movies: watch Pirates of the Caribbean or go to Pirates of Penzance (opera). 
  • Activity options: a trip to the beach or an afternoon on a sailboat.
  • Dining/food and beverage options:
    • Consider restaurants with an island theme (eg: Caribbean restaurants)
    • The beverage most associated with pirates is rum so incorporate that into your evening (eg: give a bottle of rum or go out for a mojito). 
    • You can set up a lunch or coffee date with the giftee and call it an afternoon of “parlay”.
  • Travel options: 
    • Any island destination or cruise works beautifully here.
  • Other items that could fit this theme:
    • Boots could be presented as booty (eg: cowboy boots, riding boots, baby booties). 
    • Bandanasbinoculars, a compass… 
    • Stuffed parrot. Bird is also a common name for an airplane so you could consider using the parrot to represent a flight somewhere
    • Anything that could be presented as a “sword” (eg: steak knives).
  • Use your imagination. For example, see if you can work in something around walking the plank (eg: going to the local pool/diving board) or canons (any sphere could work in this case, a soccer ball etc). 
  • Print out a simple treasure map and use it to wrap the gift.
  • Tie a small treasure/pirate related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: costume jewelry or a bandana).
  • Going with the “booty” theme, you could put one of the gifts inside a boot.
  • Using paper or felt, try cutting out an eye patch to wear while you’re presenting the gifts (or ask your to giftee wear it). 
  • Try using lots or “arrgh’s” and “matey’s” when you’re talking to your giftee.
  • Print out an image of a treasure map and use it to get the gift started as well as some treasure map cards that you can use for the clues along the way.
  • Put your first clue on the treasure map itself or in an envelope (eg: look in the place where we store the towels), then at each location you can just put another clue that leads to the gift itself, or you can leave clues AND gifts at each spot.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts, in your clues or in your card. For example: 
    • Follow this clue to find your next hidden treasure.
    • I hope you know how treasured you are. 
    • Not all treasure is silver and gold.
    • Why are pirates pirates? Because they arrgh!
    • Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate… Then be a pirate.


Create your own custom card to go with your treasure hunt theme!

Treasure Hunt

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