Framed photo

  • Whether it’s for a goofy pic of you and your best pal, to commemorate an event or person in your life or simply because it’s a darn good shot, framed pictures are great ways to capture memories. 
  • Consider this idea to celebrate anniversaries, recognize achievements like graduation and immortalize those who have passed on. If you want to make the gift even more personalized, get the frame engraved. 
  • Long-distance giftee? There are several websites out there that will help you quickly create a personalized scrapbook, calendar or photo book. Once completed, you can simply have them mail your creation directly to your giftee.
  • Think outside the box:
    • If the picture is of a beautiful landscape, try our Nature Lover theme.  
    • If there’s an animal in the shot, incorporate it into an Animal Lover theme. 
    • Pick up a brightly coloured frame and roll with our Colours theme. 
  • On a budget? Send a digital photo to your giftee and let them know why you love the shot. 

Gift Idea above not quite right? How about one of these?