Arts and Culture Buff


  • Is there someone in your life who loves theatre and other performing arts? Do they have a passion for artwork in any of its forms? If so, consider using this theme.
  • Think about things that an arts and culture buff would love to do:
  • You can keep the theme simple and just present gifts around arts and culture or you can incorporate other themes. For instance, theatre eventsmuseumsmovies and artwork all work as the sight component in our Senses theme and wine tasting or a fancy dinner could be incorporated into the same theme as the tasting portion. Artwork and a trip to a museum can also fit with our Types of Therapy theme. If your gift involves books, we have a bunch of themes that will work nicely including Rest & RelaxationDark & Stormy Night and Rock, Paper Scissors. If your giftee is a big fan of dance, have a look at our Dance theme.
  • Think outside the box:
    • Consider foods that are ‘cultured‘ or fermented (eg: yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir).
    • Explore ‘cultural’ diversity and expose your giftee to more than one form of theatre. For instance, go see the Lion King musical, watch your niece’s ballet recital, see a puppet show and watch a live band at your local pub (not necessarily all on the same day).
  • Stuck for ideas? There are many charitable organizations that are dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts. In addition, most theatres accept donations that are directed toward supporting emerging artists and exposing a wider audience to the performing arts. Consider donating to one of these charities on your giftee’s behalf.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying pictures of the performing arts (eg: ballerina, violinist) or famous artwork (eg: Mona Lisa) onto the gift.
  • Photocopy pages from your giftee’s favourite book and use that as wrapping paper.
  • Tie a small related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: a book mark).
  • For smaller gifts, add a unique touch by making your own box.
  • Play some “Culture Club” while you present the gift.
  • You could ‘act’ out what the gifts are with a game of charades.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example:
    • Hope your birthday is a work of ‘art’!
    • Happy birthday to my favourite ‘drama’ queen!
    • Hope this gift doesn’t give you ‘culture’ shock!
    • Happy anniversary to someone who always looks at the big ‘picture’.


Create your own custom card to go with your arts & culture theme!

Arts & Culture Buff

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