Car wash

  • Who doesn’t love a clean car?
  • A car wash can range from extravagant to simple and inexpensive. 
    • A professionally done, interior and exterior car wash company will make your giftee’s car look good as new.
    • Consider picking up a gift certificate for a few washes at the local gas station so your giftee can use it whenever they’d like.
    • Offer to drive their vehicle down to a do-it-yourself wand wash one afternoon. 
    • On a budget? Simply grab a bucket of water for the outside and a vacuum for the inside and give their car a mini makeover in the driveway. Keep in mind that use of soap to clean a car outside of a designated car wash is prohibited in many areas. 
  • Add an extra touch by purchasing a car air freshener
  • Think outside the box: if your giftee’s car is a bright colour, try using the fact that it will shine again in our Colours theme. 
  • Thanks to Garry N. for suggesting this gift idea. If you have a suggestion for a new gift or theme we haven’t thought of please let us know!

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