Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


  • This theme can be applied to anyone. It’s designed to focus on things that get better with age or just take a really long time to make.
  • This could be a great theme if you’re thinking of getting engaged or for an anniversary gift.
  • Activities: anything that showcases how beautiful older things can be (eg: a walk in an old growth forest, antiquing or a trip to the museum to see beautiful, old artifacts).
  • Dining/food and beverage options: give some thought to foods that take time to develop their flavour (eg: steakcheese). Even fermented foods like yogurt can work here. Don’t forget wine and aged alcohols like scotch and whiskey. If you’re looking for a night out that fits with this theme, consider a wine and cheese tasting or a nice steak dinner. 
  • Jewelrydiamonds can take millions of years to form and as a result they make a great gift for this theme.  Keep in mind that other gemstones like rubiesemeralds and sapphires would also fit here. 
  • Flowers/plants: anything that is known for its slow growth (eg: orchids, cacti). 
  • Other options: anything that could be classified as vintage or antique (eg: vintage cars-real or toy, furnituredishesclothing). 
  • Have a suggestion for this theme we haven’t covered here? Let us know and we’ll try to add it onto the list.
  • If you have an old blanket or quilt, you could wrap the gift in those.
  • Try using wrapping paper that has a vintage look to it.
  • Tie a small related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: mini alcohol bottle).
  • Serve some wine and cheese with the presentation.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example: 
    • Our love is one for ages. Happy anniversary!
    • Good things get better with age, including our love. Happy anniversary!
    • Can’t wait to celebrate with you on your birthday!


Create your own custom card to go with your "good things come to those who wait" theme!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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