Book Worm


  • This theme is designed for that person in your life that always has their nose in a book. Whether they’re passionate about non-fiction, sci-fi, drama or the classics, we can help you put together a unique gift for them.
  • Think about things that someone interested in books would love to receive or do:
  • Looking for something a bit more unique?
    • Find out your giftee’s favourite book and track down a signed copy or first edition. 
    • Engrave their favourite quote on a picture frame or have it printed on a mug.
  • You can keep the theme simple and just present gifts around books or you can incorporate other themes. For instance: our Dark & Stormy NightRock, Paper, Scissors and Rest & Relaxation themes all incorporate books nicely. Going with an e-reader? Check out our Eco-friendly theme.
  • Another option is to work different book genres into your gift. For example, your main gift might be the Harry Potter series, which is a fantasy, but you can incorporate other genres like comedy (eg: go to a comedy club) and romance (eg: a candle lit dinner or some other activity – use your imagination).
  • Try taking elements out of your giftee’s favourite book and turning them into a theme all on their own. You can add all sorts of fun gifts into the theme this way. There are no restrictions here, use your imagination. If their favourite book is Lord of the Rings then incorporate elements from the book. For example:
    • Story element: hobbits love ale. Gift: beer.
    • Story element: ring. Gift: ring
    • Story element: travelling far away. Gift: vacation.
    • Story element: Treebeard. Gift: a hike in “enchanted” woods.
    • Story element: Shadowfax. Gift: horseback riding.
    • Story element: second breakfast. Gift: two breakfasts.
  • Think outside the box: the word “book” doesn’t have to apply solely to literature. “Book” your giftee a day at the spa or a hotel room.
  • Stuck for ideas? There are many wonderful charities that promote literacy. Considering donating to one of them on your giftee’s behalf.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying pictures of books onto the gift, or draw them on yourself.
  • Photocopy pages from your giftee’s favourite book and use those pages as wrapping paper.
  • Tie a small book related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: book mark).
  • Start by letting your giftee know that the theme was inspired by their love of reading.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example:
    • This year I decided to take a page out of your book. Have a happy birthday!
    • Make this birthday one for the books. Happy birthday!
    • You know me so well, sometimes it’s like you ‘read’ my mind. Happy anniversary!
    • Read between/Happy birthday!/the lines!


Create your own custom card to go with your book worm theme!

Book Worm

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