Mother's Day


  • Obviously, the options here are limitless depending on your giftee’s interests. This can feel daunting, but we can help.
  • If you have a gift in mind but don’t know how to present it, search for it on our list and we can help suggest themes around that gift.
  • No idea what to give? Check out our themes based on hobbies (eg: HorsesBook Worm)  or themes that work for anyone (eg: ElementsColours).
  • Some ideas for any mom:
    • Bring her some flowers. Have a look at some themes that can incorporate flowers.
    • Take your mom out for dinner. Check out our list of ideas around dining options.
    • Take her out to an event (concerttheatresports). Search out ideas based on events.
    • Send your mom on a trip somewhere. Explore themes covering travel destinations.
  • On a budget? Your time is one of the best gifts you can give. Offer to help with a project your mom is working on or meet her for a walk. Try designing your own gift certificate for that like you did when you were a kid.
  • Participate in a charity walk or run on Mother’s Day or one that helps a cause that’s near and dear to her heart. 
  • For the mom who does everything, have a look at our Occupations theme.
  • Still struggling to figure out the perfect gift? Consider donating to a charity that’s close to your Mom’s heart.
  • Have a suggestion we haven’t covered here? Let us know and we’ll try to add it onto the list.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying pictures of your mom on it. If you have kids, have them draw pictures on it.
  • Use the word ‘mother’ vertically and add in your own descriptions to each letter. Click here to view an example.
  • Tie a small flower into the ribbon around the gift.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to mothers when you present the gifts or in your card. For example: 
    • “A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” ~Anonymous
    • MOM spelled upside down is WOW!
    • “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” ~Mark Twain


Create a custom card for your Mom!

Mother’s Day