10th Birthday

Double digits!

  • 10 is a perfect score in many judged sports. Take them to watch a sports event or just plan a ‘perfect’ day for them. 
  • 10 is the first year in the double digits. Work with ‘double’. For instance:
  • 10 fingers, 10 toes. Try something that involves them all (eg: go paint some pottery, then play soccer).
  • 10 is the number of sports in a decathlon. Make your own custom decathlon. A sample of ‘events’ could include: sleeping in, bacon eating, bowling, sundae making, board games, etc.
  • If you want to incorporate a little education into the gift giving…
    • 10 is the atomic number for neon. Consider going somewhere with neon lighting (some restaurants have this), or playing Neon Lights by Demi Lovato.
    • 10 = X in Roman numerals. Try playing with ‘X’ in the gift (eg: X marks the spot-use the Treasure Hunt theme).
    • 10 is the sum of 1+2+3+4. You could give 1 game, 2 walkie-talkies, 3 shirts and 4 books.
    • The 10th century is associated with the dark ages (go somewhere dark like glow bowling/mini golf) and the invention of fireworks (which we suggest using only in locations where it is safe and legal).
    • 1-0 are the only numbers in binary code. You could work in electronics/software here.
  • Check out our general birthday theme for more ideas around gifts, wrapping and presentation.