50th Anniversary

The semicentennial anniversary

  • Traditional 50th-anniversary gifts include yellow roses, violets and gold. These could be incorporated into your theme.
  • 50 is the atomic number for tin. This could involve some small, silly gifts like a tin can (soup), watching “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” or wrapping your gifts in tin foil.
  • The Roman numeral for 50 is L. I would use caution with this one as it could be interpreted the wrong way but it could really work if your giftee is size: large (and not unhappy about that). ‘Living large’ is a way of describing an extravagant lifestyle so think about including luxurious gifts like a day at the spa.
  • Watch an episode of Hawaii 5-0.
  • There are 50 states making up the USA, think about going to visit one.
  • 50:50 means you have a 50% chance of winning something. Come up with 2 great dates for your giftee and they can flip a coin for which one they get.
  • Consider a book, movie or artwork from the 1950’s.
  • Check out our general anniversary theme for more ideas around gifts, wrapping and presentation.