40th Anniversary

Forty years in with the same person; outstanding!

  • Traditional 40th-anniversary gifts include gladioli and rubies. These could be incorporated into your theme.
  • 40 is the atomic number for zirconium. It is used in space vehicles, light filaments and watch casings so think about gifts like watching a movie based in space, light bulbs/lamps and watches/clocks
  • -40C and -40F are the same temperature. Try an activity that involves cold temperatures (eg: build a snowman, go for ice cream).
  • Forty winks is another way of saying a short nap. Consider gifts like pillows or eye masks.
  • Top ‘40’ is a common term of popular music. A gift card for iTunes or Google Play would work here. 
  • 40 Shades of Green is a song by Johnny Cash about Ireland. You could play this song for your giftee or, better yet, go to Ireland.
  • The Roman numeral for 40 is XL. We would use caution with this one as it could be interpreted the wrong way but it could really work if your giftee is size: XL (and not unhappy about that). ‘Living large’ is a way of describing an extravagant lifestyle. You could take this one step further with living ‘extra-large’ and include luxurious gifts like a day at the spa
  • Consider a bookmovie or artwork from the 1940’s.
  • Check out our general anniversary theme for more ideas around gifts, wrapping and presentation.