20th Anniversary

Two decades may seem like a long time but really, if this relationship were a person, it wouldn’t be old enough to drink anywhere in the U.S. yet.

  • Traditional 20th anniversary gifts include china, platinum, asters and emeralds. These could be incorporated into your theme.
    • China: you could take this literally and pick up some of those fancy plates and cups or play on the word and save some cash with a set of Royal Chinet (popular paper plates brand).  If money is no object, you could take a trip to China….or for those of us with a slightly more constrained vacation budget, how about a night out at a Chinese restaurant or order in even. Check out our Travel gift category or Trip around the world theme for additional ideas on how to “go to China”.
    • Platinum jewelry, cuff links, flask or coins.
    • Use a bouquet of asters in our Colours or Senses themes.
    • Emeralds can work very nicely with several themes including Colours and Going green/Recycler.
  • 20 is the atomic number for calcium. This is essential for good bone health. Think about giving your giftee some calcium rich dairy products (eg: ice cream) or doing a weight-bearing activity that increases bone density (eg: soccer).
  • The 20th century is associated with many great inventions and events. You can use these to work in gifts (eg: space exploration began in the 20th century-take your giftee stargazing).
  • 20/20 is associated with perfect vision. Give them some sunglasses or something to look at using their 20/20 vision (eg: theatre, artwork).  
  • Score = 20 (eg: fourscore and seven years ago…). Work in a scoring activity here (eg: sports events, board games)
  • Have your giftee guess their gift using 20 questions.
  • Consider a book, movie or artwork from the 1920’s.
  • Watch a show/movie by 20th Century Fox.
  • Check out our general anniversary theme for more ideas around gifts, wrapping and presentation.