• Pretty much anything sweet could fit in this category.
  • A pre-packaged box of chocolate or candy is great and if you’re in pinch for timing it’s easy but if you want to take this to the next level, here’s an idea:
    • Drop by any department store and pick up a candy jar, then go to the bulk food isle in your grocery store and pick up your giftee’s favorite candy, or 5 of their favourite candies!
    • Want more?  Instead of buying an actual candy jar, use a flower vase, put the candy in it and then top it with a flower.
    • A small glass mixing bowl or plant pot could work.
    • Pretty much any container will work for this.  Tupperware, a wine glass, a coffee mug, a cleaned out jam jar, a pickle jar….wait….maybe not that last one.  Your recipient may not like pickled jelly beans.
  • Think outside the box: use the fact that your giftee has a sweet tooth to incorporate our Occupations (dentistry) theme. 

Gift Idea above not quite right? How about one of these?