Yoga Lover


  • This theme is obviously best suited for people who do yoga, but you don’t have to stick to that rule. Whether your giftee is a yoga master who has been practicing for years, or a total newbie, we can help you find something that works.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying pictures of yoga poses onto the gift, or draw them on yourself (stick figures).
  • Tie a small yoga related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: hair band).
  • For smaller gifts, add a unique touch by making your own box.
  • Try showing the pose the gift is based on before your giftee can open it (if you feel comfortable and flexible enough to do so). Or conversely, have your giftee show the pose themselves before opening the gift.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme (and all the poses) when you present the gifts or in your card. For example: 
    • Hot diggety ‘dog’! Have a great birthday!
    • Hope your birthday is as fun as a barrel of ‘monkeys’. 
    • Do whatever floats your ‘boat’ this birthday!
    • We haved moved ‘mountains’ together. Happy anniversary!
    • If you’re giving some alcohol as a gift you could call it “hair of the ‘dog’ that bit you”.


Create your own custom card to go with your yoga lover theme!

Yoga Lover

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