Types of Therapy


  • This theme is great if you don’t know what your giftee wants or don’t know them well because many of the possible gifts are things that everyone likes.
  • It’s also great if you’re on a tight timeline as some of the gifts can be purchased online or easily at local stores.
  • Some of the types of therapy we suggest working with are: aromatherapy, art therapy, chocolate therapy, music therapy, retail therapy and touch therapy (massage, etc). See below for more ideas.
  • Try spraying the gift with your giftee’s favourite perfume.
  • Wrap a scented candle or a flower into the ribbon around the gift.
  • You could set the scene by playing some relaxing, spa-like music
  • Maybe talk about how hard your giftee has been working and how they could use a break or reward.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example: 
    • Hope these gifts make life a little saner for you.
    • “My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.” ~Dave Barry
    • If these gifts don’t help you feel better, try screaming obscenities, that always helps me.
    • For someone who nose about aromatherapy


Create your own custom card to go with your types of therapy theme!

Types of Therapy