Going Wild


  • This theme is great for animal lovers and nature lovers but can be used for just about anyone.
  • Think about activities or items that work around the word “wild”:
  • Giving a pet? You could say a puppy is the descendant of the wild wolves of the arctic or a cat is the king of the jungle.
  • On a budget? Keep in mind that national, provincial and state parks often have educational sessions to learn more about the wildlife in the park. These are often free and very well done.
  • Flowers are always a winner, try tiger lilies.
  • Stuck for ideas? You can’t go wrong with a donation to a charity that helps wildlife either locally or globally.
  • Think outside the box. Give your giftee a trip somewhere they can go “wild and crazy” (eg: Mexico, New York).
  • Animal print bags, envelopes, wrapping paper are perfect for this gift. If time permits, you could even order gift wrap that is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted in your giftee’s garden.
  • There’s a lot of flexibility here in terms of what you could consider “wild”. Loud, obnoxious wrapping ideas could really work here.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying ‘wild’ pictures onto the gift, or draw them on yourself (eg: tiger, wolf, leaves).
  • Tie a small related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: a wildflower).
  • You can decide to work within a specific theme (eg: buying a cat, seeing “Cats” the musical and going to see the tigers at the local zoo) or just keep it general.
  • When you present each gift, try to work it into the theme with a short explanation. For instance, if you’re giving someone a plant, you might say “even though we don’t live in the jungles of the Amazon, this tropical plant can bring a little piece of the wild into our living room”.
  • Be creative, don’t be afraid to stretch associations between a gift and the theme. For instance, you could pretend that a bottle of locally made honey was made by the wild honey bees of Africa.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example:
    • Stay wild at heart.
    • Go wild and crazy for your birthday!
    • It’s a jungle out there!


Create your own custom card to go with your going wild theme!

Going Wild

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