Coffee Lover


  • Is there a coffee connoisseur on your gift list? Someone searching for the perfect cup? Have a look at this theme for some great ideas.
  • Think about things that a coffee lover would like to receive or do:
    • Activities: obviously going for a coffee or a gift card for a coffee shop works well here but consider ways to spice this up a bit. For instance:
      • Go on a coffee crawl (like a pub crawl, but with coffee).
      • Register your giftee for a coffee related class at a local roasterie (eg: home brewing info, latte art, roasting, coffee tasting).
    • Coffee essentials: coffeeIrish cream/coffee liqueurcoffee maker, french press, frother, grinder, coffee mug
    • Other coffee related items: coffee body scrub, coffee inspired scented candleschocolate covered coffee beanscoffee table bookspices commonly associated with coffee (eg: cinnamon, nutmeg)…
    • Looking for something more unique?
      • Consider a coffee subscription for your giftee. Each month, your giftee will receive a different coffee to try.
      • Visit a coffee plantation.
      • If your giftee has a green thumb, buy them a coffee plant so they can grow their own beans.
      • Give some thought to artwork inspired by coffee, or even artwork made using coffee.
  • You can keep the theme simple and just present gifts around coffee or you can incorporate other themes. For instance, if you’re giving a travel mug or sustainable coffee, it will work nicely with our Eco-friendly theme. People who love coffee, often love food in general so check out our Foodie theme for more ideas. Also, keep our Senses theme in mind as coffee could easily represent the smell or taste portion of that theme.
  • Stuck for ideas?
    • There are many charities that support coffee growing communities around the world. Consider donating to one on your giftee’s behalf. 
    • Anonymously buy a stranger’s coffee. Check out our random acts of kindness gift idea for more information.
  • Try wrapping your gift with plain paper and applying pictures of coffee cups onto the gift, or draw them on yourself.
  • If you can get your hands on a “scratch ‘n’ sniff” sticker or a scented marker that smells like coffee, use them on the wrapping paper.
  • Tie a small coffee related item into the ribbon around the gift (eg: a stir stick, a mini Bailey’s Irish cream).
  • For smaller gifts, use a disposable coffee cup as the box.
  • Incorporate your giftee’s senses into the presentation. Blindfold them, then have them smell the coffee beans, feel a coffee mug in their hands, hear the sound of coffee percolating and taste a hot cup of coffee.
  • Use quotes or phrases that relate to your theme when you present the gifts or in your card. For example:
  • This year, ‘espresso’ yourself however you want. Happy birthday!
    • Happy anniversary! Thanks for always keeping me ‘grounded’.
    • Sorry for the belated gift…better ‘latte’ than never.
    • Life can sometimes be a ‘grind’. Hope things look up soon.
    • We have a ‘latte’ in common. Happy anniversary!


Create your own custom card to go with your coffee lover theme!

Coffee Lover

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